Mickey Russian’s Brother


Witness the rich saga of the Roshensky family unfold as it journeys through the Spanish Civil War, Nazi Germany, betrayal, murder, revenge, and the landing at Normandy on June 6, 1944. Will they be able to survive the disastrous events that befall their family? How will the war change them?


When Rachel Roshensky dies of leukemia, she leaves the Roshensky men to fend for themselves. Jacov Roshensky, her husband, was a Marxist rebel in tsarist Russia. Though he is now a prosperous jeweler, he still possesses the heart of an idealist. Mikhail, Jacov’s eldest son, is brilliant, handsome and fearless. He is drawn to the underside of life and becomes a notorious professional gambler known as Mickey Russian. Robert “Bobby” Roshensky, the youngest Roshensky worships Mikhail and tries to emulate him. Dazzled by his brother’s lifestyle, he becomes entangled in the violent world Mickey lords over. Then Mickey meets a terrible fate…


What will happen to Mickey Russian’s Brother? Will Jacov be able to honor the pledge he gave to his wife on her deathbed? Find out as the exciting events unfold in this gripping novel!